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Bespoke Tuning is an automotive modification company that was born out of the passion for automotive modification.

We specialise in modifying OEM turbo’s for performance and creating bespoke turbo’s to custom specification.

Our turbo’s  are made from only the best materials which incorporate  the newest technologies in turbo design and dynamics.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest possible quality parts at very competitive rates.

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Our agents work round the clock. You can be sure we can assist you on anything you require no matter the time.

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We have many agreements in place with suppliers which allows us to buy many units at one time for a lower than normal rate. We pass this saving onto our customers making us very competitive.

Qualified Agents

Our team have a combined knowledge of over 100 years in automotive modification and turbo building.

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As we accept old turbo units in exchange for new ones, we can always offer cost effective solutions to any needs you have. Feel free to drop us a email and you may be surprised at what we can offer.

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Why “Cut back” or “Clipped” blades are not our choice….


The turbine wheel is referred to as being ‘clipped’ or “cut back” if the turbine wheel exducer has been machined to  “shorten blades”. This kind modification increases turbine wheel exhaust gas flow capacity and reduce the exhaust heat and back pressure. But at the same time, it will sacrificed turbo efficiency, especially at lower revs, it means “more turbo lag” but more fit for high performance applications.


Beside the “turbo lag” the biggest risk and disadvantage “clipped” turbine wheel is the lifespan and durability, due to the exducer side of the wheel has been machined. The edge of the blade is sharp and thin and it will reduce the heat resistant ability of the turbine blade. Under the high heat exhaust gas the edge will easy crack and fatigue and the driver will need to monitor the exhaust temperature carefully during use of the vehicle. Even with careful monitoring of the EGT’s, it still poses a risk that the turbo might be damaged from it.



Why we choice Genuine Garrett “Ball Bearing cores” and Genuine “OEM A45 turbo’s” for our A45 Hybrid Ball Bearing turbo’s?



There are lot non-Genuine Garrett Ball bearing turbo’s in the market, and with a much lower cost, but so far, none of them have the same performance and reliability as the genuine Garrett GTX core. For A/CLA/GLA 45AMG owners, we believe it is the best way to get maximum engine performance without turbo lag and with reliability.


We modify our A45 GTX Hybrid turbo’s from Genuine BWA A45 turbo units because of the quality and the material its made from. It is very easy to notice the difference between OEM A45 turbo and a copy turbo if you compare them side by side. The biggest difference is the “nickle” percentage in the metal. The material of Turbine housing is the most important key regarding the lifespan of the turbo, especially for the “fuel direct injection turbo engine ” and  “twin scroll” turbo.
Due to above reason, we do not have any reason to replace the OE turbo’s by using inferior copy turbo’s.

Needed a replacement turbo for my A45 and thought i would go for a stage 4 unit to match my current modification. Arrived within 5 days from UK ...

A45 GTX Stage 4 Turbo Billy K